First Aid for Mummys
Martin had a very successful day recently demonstrating Baby First aid to a group of brand new mums at the Ladies Gym at Thornliebank. This was in collaboration with the wonderful Yoga Bellies.


One mum Debbie Wilson said:

"I really enjoyed the course, I have attended First aid courses before...this gave me much more info on babies and children and refreshed my knowledge. Martin was friendly, informative and interesting. He answered all our questions fully".


Also coming soon
First Aid for new parents
Park Circus, Glasgow
Watch this space for more details or contact Martin.




Information sheets, 27/3/12
We've added a new section to our website. We'll be adding useful information sheets, and have started with one on CPR, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Read more.


Learn CPR and maybe save a life!!!, 22/3/12
Martin says
" I am all too familiar with the pain & distress caused by losing a loved one to heart my own father died of this when I was a very young man! I wasn't with Dad when he died, but often I think if 'things had been different' & I had been there to deliver C.P.R, would the outcome have been more positive... & my Dad be alive today? The tragic stories of the weekend make me revisit this sad episode in my life. I would like to offer my sincere condolences to the Kelly family, whose son Liam, made them so proud on the football field on his day of glory last weekend for Kilmarnock FC! It was so sad that Dad Jack died such an untimely death at only 59 years old. Also, my thoughts go out to footballer Fabrice Muamba and his family! Tragedy struck during a football match when Fabrice's heart 'seized' & he required C.P.R & First Aiders also required to use of a defibrillator (A.E.D) machine to save him! It was, in good part, down to the First Aider's quick thinking that has saved his life. I am so happy to hear he is now on the mend! Best of luck to you in your recovery, Fabrice".


It always pays to know first aid, 10/3/12
Martin was at a Burns supper in Tarbolton on Saturday and one attendee took a very bad reaction having recently eaten a sugar coated biscuit...not quite anaphylaxis but he was in apparent shock...very grey, clammy, confused etc. Routine first aid treatment given and he was back to fighting fit within 30 mins! Apparently this lad has a peculiar intolerance to sugar...ironic that a GP and anaesthetist were both present too!


Essential First Aid for Golfers Class at Cathcart Castle Golf Club, 9/3/12
Past Captain Iain MacLeod: "This session was truly excellent and I learned a tremendous amount of new information. I am now a retired engineer but I found the session to be both fun and informative...a must for golfers and the general public alike".


Martin saves Santa Claus from Haemorrhage, 11/12/11

Glasgow: Santa fun run...over 2000 'Santas' in George Square to run the charity event. A very elderly 'Santa', directly in front of Martin, fell straight over onto his face & suffered large lacerations & contusions to his nose & brow. He was bleeding profusely. Thank goodness for Martins First Aid abilities.

  • Sterile compression dressing.
  • Stabilised.
  • Safely transferred for hospital review by the delegated First aid organisations staff.
  • Job done!





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